FearBusters | Week 3 #Quest


Bible Story: Fiery Furnace | Daniel 3
Main Point: When I’m Scared, God Keeps Me Safe!
Memory Verse: “I prayed to the Lord and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

Lesson Overview
The team of FearBusters has been working hard to bust fears away with God’s Word. Agent Lou True and Beaker have helped us and our monster friends not be scared of the dark and thunderstorms with stories from God’s Word.

This weekend, our friend Zingo’s monster meter was red, which means Zingo was really scared. Zingo was afraid of a bully on the playground who pushed him down. He was not being nice to Zingo Monster! Agent Lou True helped Zingo BUST his fear by reading a story from God’s Word, the Bible!

He read a story about a bad bully king who wanted everyone to bow down and worship a golden statue of himself. But there were three friends who loved God and didn’t want to worship the king. When the king heard this, he ordered the three friends be thrown into a fiery furnace! But when the king looked into the furnace, he saw four men in the fire instead of three. The three friends knew God would protect them and keep them safe, no matter what! After reading the Bible story, Zingo learned God keeps us safe when we are scared!

FearBusted Box
To help our FearBuster friends bust their fears, Quest children received a FearBusted Box to collect truths from God’s word to know what to do when they are scared. Each weekend children will collect another truth to put in their FearBusted Box!

In this week’s truth bag was a crown! Use the truth card to start a discussion with your child about their fears and to review the Bible story and main point.


Ask, “When you’re scared, who will keep you safe?”

Memory Verse
Our memory verse during FearBusters teaches us that God can free us from all our fears.

I prayed (pretend to pray)
to the Lord (point up),
and He answered me. (cup hand to ear)
He freed me (wave arms and smile)
from all my fears. (make scared face)
Psalm 34:4 (hold up 4 fingers)

Each weekend children can recite the memory verse for a ROAR-some monster prize. Work with your child to learn this verse so they can remember God helps us BUST our fears!