Get ready for some “Cloud City Chaos” in the new season of Adventures Of The StarKeepers!

Can you ever have too much peace? We don’t think so — that’s why we’re going to spend the month of February talking all about it. We’ll talk about God’s peace, how to have it when things are tough, what it looks like to be a peacemaker, and even how we can share God’s peace with others!

After stealing the Conversion Device, Rattiform and the Shadow Squad travel to Sanctuaria — where the StarKeeper base is! But instead of going after the Heart of the Universe, they invade the flying city of Nimbus and use the Conversion Device to turn its peaceful, bat-like inhabitants into robots. Glacia finds her way to Nimbus in search of the next StarKeeper, and finds herself on the run from the robo-bats with an anxious young bat named Flash. With such a tense situation, we’ll hear lots of ways our heroes discover they can find and share peace.

Each episode’s topic matches what’s being taught in eKidz Online, and the family discussion questions after every episode will help you talk with your kids all about peace.

Your family can listen to the newest episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or accessmore. See you on the other side!