Go on a Mission in the Mines in the new season of Into the Portal!

It’s the Christmas season, so it’s a great time to talk about generosity. But generosity is about so much more than presents! Through the examples God and Jesus have given us, we know that we can make the choice every day to be generous through things like how we treat others and the way we support them and show love to them.

In this season, Leo and Bubbles head down to a new planet to find the next StarKeeper, and they end up underground with a colony of miners who are celebrating a Christmas-like holiday called Yulemas. The chief miner’s son, Tank, wants to get his dad the perfect gift, but there are a few problems: one, the perfect gift is a legendary gem that no one has ever even seen. Two, the Shadow Squad has plans of their own for this legendary gem. Three, there is a monstrous worm causing earthquakes and damage to the underground village. Leo and Bubbles might get more than they expected when they decide to help Tank, but they’ll learn some valuable lessons about generosity along the way.

Each episode’s topic matches what’s being taught in eKidz Online, and the family discussion questions after every episode will help you talk with your kids about things like why we can trust God’s plan, what generosity truly is, and many of the different ways we can show generosity in the way we live!

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