Go on The Search for StarKeepers in the new season of Into the Portal!

There’s an unseen, supernatural world around us, and our newest season of Into the portal — The Search for StarKeepers — will help kids understand that God wants us to be aware of that world and that there are things we can do when we’re facing a supernatural struggle.

Dex and River finally brought all the Portal Stars together to reform the Heart of the Universe; now, their new mission is to protect it. To do that, they need more teammates, so it’s time to create the StarKeepers! When they locate a planet that has a potential StarKeeper living on it, they’ll encounter three new villains with incredible powers. Unfortunately, these new villains — called the Shadow Squad — are hunting for the Heart of the Universe! As Dex and River clash with them, we’ll discover values to help us learn why we shouldn’t give in to worry, how we can use truth to fight supernatural struggles, and how we can use prayer to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

It’s the beginning of a whole new adventure as Dex and River begin putting together a group of remarkable young heroes to protect the Heart of the Universe. Get ready for all the action and laughs your family can handle plus lots of opportunities for discussion with your kids. Each episode’s topic matches what’s being taught in eKidz Online, and the family discussion questions after every episode will help you talk with your kids about how we can win when we face supernatural struggles!

Your family can listen to the newest episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or accessmore. See you on the other side!