God’s Plan Will Prevail

As you’re beginning the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to encourage some of you who made some mistakes as a parent in 2011.

Maybe you got a divorce and you aren’t able to spend very much time with your kids.

Maybe you work too much and your kids are suffering as a result.

Maybe you’re just inconsistent. Sometimes a week passes and you realize you haven’t made an intentional effort to invest in your kids’ spiritually or emotionally.

Here’s the good news – you’re not alone and this is not a new problem. I was encouraged the other day to discover that parents in Scripture screwed up a lot!

I bet if we could sit down with King David and ask him about his experience as a father he would have a lot of regrets. One of the biggest mistakes we know about from David’s life was his sin with Bathsheba. But one of the greatest accomplishments of David’s life was the succession of Solomon as king – Bathsheba’s son. But wait, how is this possible?

Here’s what I take away from reading about David’s life as a father – God is sovereign over our kids’ lives and He has a plan for them that existed before they were born. Tucked away in 2 Samuel 12:24b is this little verse, “She (Bathsheba) gave birth to a son, and they named him Solomon. The Lord loved him…”

Despite all of David’s failures as a father the Lord loved Solomon and ultimately preserved him for his calling and purpose as the King of Israel.

The same is true for your kids. God loves your kids. He has a plan and a purpose for them. Knowing this doesn’t give you a license to be a terrible parent, instead it should give you the motivation to be a great parent. Your parenting is a significant factor in determining the course of your kids’ lives it’s just not the primary factor. You have a huge responsibility to lead your kids toward Christ and to teach them how to obey God. Have them in church with you every week. Pray with them. Tell them they’re special and show them you love them.

But for those of you who have messed up – it’s not too late. If God can use David to raise a king he can use you too. You’re not a perfect parent but you’re the only dad/mom your kid will ever have just like God intended. So start today, with what you have, and trust that God’s plan will prevail in your kid’s life.

John Bishop
Family Pastor