This Week in Motion :: God can help you find joy.

God can help you find joy.
Paul and Silas Are Thrown Into Prison ● Acts 16:6-40

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: What do you think is the difference between happiness and joy?

Question #2: Let’s read Acts 16:24-25. Paul and Silas were put in jail for serving God. But even while they were in jail, they showed joy by singing to God. Why is it challenging to have joy in hard situations?

Question #3: Think of a hard situation you’re facing. What’s one way you can show joy in it?

Read the Bible — by yourself and with others. Try different translations. Set aside a special, quiet time to dive in.
Ask questions to help you understand — who’s the author, who are they writing to, and how does this part of the Bible point you toward Jesus?
Yak — share about what you’re learning and what God is showing you, especially with friends who don’t have a relationship with Jesus or want to learn more about Him.

This week: 

Read: Acts 16:22-25— Write down what this verse means to you!

Ask: In this verse, Paul and Silas, who committed no crime and were peaceful men, prayed and sang songs from prison while others listened. If you were in prison with Paul and Silas, how would you have responded when you heard them singing and praying?

Yak: Share what you read with someone. How does this verse help you to have joy despite your circumstances?