Inked: Episode 2

This month in our Inked series, Dr. Oldman, our favorite archeologist and Bible scholar, is revealing to us how he received the Oldman family Bible from his great great Uncle Barry Oldman. Through an inheritance given to Dr. Oldman by his Uncle Barry, Dr. Oldman must follow clues and get “inked” to unlock the mysteries of faith.

Check out episode 2 and see how Dr. Oldman got “inked”:

Even though Dr. Oldman wasn’t sure why Uncle Barry told him to go socialize with an octopus he obeyed, just like Abraham, who by faith, obeyed God and went to the land of his inheritance.

During small group, Motion kids had an opportunity to practice reciting the April memory verse and have some of their own octopus fun! You can do the activity at home to help your entire family learn the April verse! Download the activity, Faith Tag, HERE.

Missed episode 1 of the Inked series? Watch it NOW.