It’s Not Trying, It’s Training (For Kids) – Fasting

Fasting is for Kids Too!

Fasting means giving something up to help you focus on God. This weekend in eKidz, your child will learn how to fast from anything that distracts him or her from God. We will be challenging your child to give up something they like or something that is important to them, so they can spend more time in prayer and Bible study. Fasting is a great way for your child to grow in his or her faith!

How can you support this teaching at home?

Join your child in their fast! Have a conversation about fasting. Then choose, as a family, to give up those things that often get in the way of a healthy spiritual walk with God. Make a list of goals and set time aside to pray as a family. You can even make a list of prayer requests, people or situations you want to talk to God about as a family.

Here are some scriptures to help you get started:

Hebrews 13:15

Matthew 4:1-4