It’s time to put the Portal Stars together in the new season of Into the Portal!

There are many key values that can help us live godly lives. In our newest season of Into the Portal — The Last Portal? — kids will see characters living out character, integrity, discipline, and patience.

We finally have all the Portal Stars! Dex and River jump into some kind of super portal to land on the world of Sanctuaria, where they can put all the stars together to reform the Heart of the Universe. But they quickly run into River’s brother, Darius, who has been missing for years — not to mention Rattiform is hot on their trail with her evil robot butler, Benson! Along their journey to the Sanctuary to restore the Heart, our heroes will show us how living with character, integrity, discipline, and patience affects us AND the people around us. They’re a great way for people to see God through us!

We hope your family is ready for a fresh adventure full of laughs, twists, and turns — and just when it looks like our adventure might be coming to a close, you might discover this is only the beginning…

Also, each episode’s topic matches what’s being taught in eKidz Online, and the family discussion questions after every episode will help you talk with your kids about how WE can live with these godly values!

Your family can listen to the newest episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or accessmore. See you on the other side!