January in eKidz

Monthly Focus
God helps me.

Memory Verse
“God is my helper.” Psalm 54:4a (CSB)

“Dear God, thank You for helping us! As (baby’s name) grows up, I pray they always remember
that no matter what happens, You are always there to help them. We love You. Amen.”

Monthly Focus
God helps me.

Memory Verse
(point up using pointer fingers)
is my 
(thumbs to chest)
 (extend arms forward)
Psalm 54:4a
 (open hands like a book)

Bible Story
The Mean Giant
1 Samuel 17:1-51


Series Overview
Life can be tough. Having a friend like Jesus who knows us, loves us, and has the power to help us can truly change our lives. After all, that’s what friends do. They help one another when they need it. And there is no better friend than Jesus.

“You are (point up)
everything (hands out to sides)
I need.” (point thumbs to chest)
Psalm 119:57 (open hands like a book)

1st – 5th GRADE

Series Overview
As we follow Jesus, His love transforms us. His Spirit gives us the power to show self-control.
We can follow His example and choose to do what we should do — instead of what we want to do.

Virtue: Self-Control
Choosing to do what you should even when you don’t want to.

Memory Verse
“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life.”
2 Peter 1:3a, NIV