Love Week 2020 eKidz Families Q&A

Parent Q&A: What does LOVE Week 2020 look like for families?

#LOVEWeek2020 is finally here! LOVE Week is a designated time each year when the people of our church come together to serve our local and global communities. It’s one of our church’s favorite weeks, but it can be easy for parents to feel some uncertainty when there are so many questions and logistical unknowns. If your family wants to participate in LOVE Week 2020 but you aren’t sure how, check out these answers to some common questions:

What does LOVE Week look like this year?

There are still events happening at many of our Elevation Church campuses and on-site with our Outreach partners, but we also have even more ways for you to serve virtually and at home, so you can make a difference right where you are!

Are there any at-home opportunities specifically for kids?

Be sure to follow Elevation eKidz on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll share videos on these social media accounts each day throughout LOVE Week with ideas for how your family can serve at home or in your immediate community. And don’t worry they’ll all be EASY for your family to engage in (simple instructions and minimal or no supplies). If you’re looking for quick-win opportunities for your family this LOVE Week, don’t miss these videos!

Where can I learn more about LOVE Week events?

Click here to see this year’s LOVE Week events, including at-home opportunities. You can filter events by community (select “Online” if you aren’t near a physical Elevation Church location), and you can also use the “Family Friendly” filter (or just click here!) to see only events where all ages are allowed.

What safety measures are in place at the on-site events?

For events where volunteers are gathered together, we’ll follow social distancing guidelines. All volunteers will be wearing masks, and we’ll be serving in small groups. To hear more from our Outreach team about their safety procedures for LOVE Week, check out this post!

I want to serve at an on-site event with my kids. How can I prepare?

If you want to serve at an on-site event with your kids, start by reading this blog post we shared with families last year. In addition to the tips shared there, we recommend making sure your kids are comfortable wearing masks while you serve.