March Madness: Episode 2

In Motion (1st – 5th grade) this past weekend we watched episode 2 of our March Madness: The Matt Milton Story series.  In episode 1 we watched Matt, an avid video game basketball player, try out for his high school basketball team and learn that confidence in yourself, if it leads to pride, is painful.

Check out episode 2 and see what happens during the second round of cuts:


All month your Motion child is learning about HUMILITY – putting others first.  When we show humility we willingly put others first.  Play this game with your family to practice putting others first and help your child learn the March virtue.

Assign one family member to be the caller and call out configurations.  The caller will call out a configuration and your family has to line up as instructed.  Family members may use their fingers to point or hand gestures, but talking is not allowed.

Call out the following configurations and have your family line up as fast as they can:

        • Line up in alphabetical order by first name. (A-Z)
        • Line up in order of your birth month (January – December)
        • Line up in order of height (shortest to tallest)
        • Line up in reverse alphabetical order by first name (Z-A)
        • Line up in reverse order of the month you were born (December – January)
        • Line up in order of height (tallest to shortest)