Mentos and Coke

All February our 1st-5th graders are having fun learning about SERVING through our “The Science of Serving” series.

This past weekend we ended UpLink with a fun science video called Mentos Rocket Car: II.  The Mentos Rocket Car is powered entirely by the momentum created from hundreds of Mentos and Coke Zero explosions.


Purchase a bottle of Diet Coke or Coke Zero and a roll of mint Mentos for each family member. Pick a space that can get super sticky and very messy! Position the bottles of Coke in a line (with the caps removed) so each family member has enough space.  Holding the Mentos at chest level, have your family compete to see who can be the first person to drop a Mentos into the Coke.  When you drop the Mentos into the bottle step back and watch the explosion!