Mine*Craft: Story Mode | Episode 3

1st – 5th Grade

Monthly Bible Verse: Matthew 7:24 “Therefore, anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
Bible Story: Philip & The Ethiopian | Acts 8:26-40
Story Focus: Shouting My Story
Main Point: I need to get baptized because Jesus told us to.

Story Mode is all about how to build our life. This week we learned how to SHOUT the story of God’s love for us through Baptism.

Check out this Mine*Craft: Fail Mode video to learn a few ways NOT to shout.

Lesson Overview: During Mine*Craft: Story Mode, we’ve been digging into the Bible and discovering how to build our story. We need to read God’s story (read the Bible), fix our story (get saved to fix our relationship with God), and this weekend learned we need to SHOUT our story!

A man from a country called Ethiopia met Philip, one of God’s apostles. The Ethiopian had a lot of questions about the Bible, so Philip helped him understand what God’s Word said. Once the Ethiopian man understood what God wanted him to do, he obeyed immediately. One thing that God asks us to do after we decide to follow Jesus is to get baptized. After the Ethiopian man decided to follow Jesus, he saw some water, stopped the chariot and was baptized. He was baptized right away to show the world that he had decided to live for God. He didn’t wait. He didn’t make excuses. He obeyed God and then went home rejoicing!

Getting baptized gives us so much joy because we are obeying God and shouting our story to the world. Getting baptized doesn’t wash away our sins, but it is a powerful picture of how God washed away our sins.

God wants us to act and SHOUT out our story by getting baptized. And when God asks us to do something, we don’t just want to hear what He asks, we want to do what He asks! (Matthews 7:24)