Motion and eKidz Online :: Set your standards based on what God says.

Set your standards based on what God says. ●  Ephesians 4:21-23 NLT
As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s episode.

Question #1: Do you think it’s important to have a godly standard for what is true, right, and good? Why could it be better to follow God’s standards instead of human standards?

Question #2: Read Ephesians 4:21-24, NLT. How could your daily habits help you to put on your new nature like this scripture asks you to do? 

Question #3: How can you freshen up your habits daily so you can live closer to God’s amazingly perfect and good standards? What do you think would change in your relationship with God if you freshen up your daily habits?

Jesus used scripture to overcome temptation. He was ready with God’s Word. If you feel stuck in old habits, rewrite your brain patterns with fresh scripture.

This week, memorize this month’s scripture verse, find a Bible reading plan, and spend time reading scripture. When you do this, you set your standards based on what God says.

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