Motion and eKidz Online :: Worship is more than music.

Worship is more than music. ●  Matthew 22:37-38, NIV
As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s eKidz Online episode.

Question #1: Read Matthew 22:37-38, NIV. This Bible verse is what worshiping God is all about. Which is harder for you to do: worship God with your heart and soul or worship God with your mind? (Hint: Heart and soul have more to do with your emotions towards God. Mind has more to do with your thoughts about God and following Him.)

Question #2: How can you worship God with your whole heart, soul, and mind? What would that look like in your life at home, school, playing sports, practicing music lessons, or whatever else you do?

Question #3: How could your attitude toward others and yourself change when you worship God with everything you have?

When we worship God, we show Him that we love Him and are so thankful He is the leader of our lives! We praise Him for everything He has done. 

This week, take time each day to commit Matthew 22:37-38 to memory and worship God with your heart, soul, and mind.