Motion :: Week of August 24

How did Jesus define church? Does going to church really matter? Is it worth sticking with for the rest of my life? We’ll help kids answer these important questions in Big Church!

This week, we tuned into the Loop Show to learn about the future of the Church and the part we get to play in it. We took a look at James 1:26 to learn that we can help the Church grow when we tell others about Jesus, share our faith with them, and invite them to church.

As Christians, we can say Bible verses that we’ve memorized, but if we aren’t acting out what those verses teach us, it’s worthless. We shouldn’t just GO to church; God calls us to BE the church. That means our words and actions should reflect God all the time.

At bedtime this week, read James 1:26 and pray together. Thank God for allowing you and your child to be the future of the Church, while you also get to be part of the Church right now. Ask God to give you and your child the courage to share your faith with others and invite them to church.

Curriculum from Life.Church