Motion :: Week of August 31

We can put our love for others in motion by serving them. Serving isn’t always easy, but when we choose to do it anyway, we love others the way Jesus loves them.

This week, we tuned into the Loop Show to learn how we can serve others. We took a look at 1 John 4:10-11 to see that we can love others the way Jesus loves them by serving them and putting them first.

God put His love in motion by sending Jesus to pay the price for our sins. We can put our love in motion by serving others. When we see a mess, we can jump in and help clean it up. When we see a problem, we can help find a solution. When we see someone hurting, we can help them right away.

At bedtime this week, read 1 John 4:10-11 and pray together. Pray your child would realize the value of serving others and sharing God’s love. Pray they would choose to proactively respond to the needs they see around them, and that the people they serve would see God’s love through them.

Curriculum from Life.Church