Motion :: Week of November 16

It may not sound like fun to learn spiritual disciplines, but here’s the thing — spiritual disciplines aren’t boring. They’re vital, and we absolutely can’t survive this life without them. During this series, kids will learn that the spiritual disciplines of praying, solitude, reading the Bible, and asking questions are not chores on a to-do list, but life-saving survival skills!

This week, we tuned into the Loop Show and took a look at Matthew 17:24-25, to learn that we can build a solid foundation for our lives by spending time in God’s Word and practicing what it says.

When we dig into the Bible and put what it says into practice, we’re building a solid foundation for our lives. No matter what kinds of problems we face, God’s Word has advice and solutions. If we want His Word to hold us up in hard times, we have to spend time reading it and practicing what it says.

At bedtime this week, read Matthew 17:24-25 and pray together. Pray your child will see the value in spending time in God’s Word. Pray they’ll prioritize setting aside time each day to read their Bibles and put God’s Word into practice.

 Curriculum from Life.Church