Motion :: Week of September 30

Main Point: God says I can!
Bible Story: Elijah: The Rainmaker | Luke 22 & Acts 2

No matter how old we are, we each have a common enemy – ourselves. How do kids focus on growing a relationship with God when their own negative thoughts of insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement are speaking so loudly in their lives? Each week during the Rise Above series kids will learn how to use God’s Word to rise above the chatter in their lives and to hear God’s voice above all the others.

We’ll follow a pretty average kid named Daniel as he encounters various voices in his life and see how he learns to rise above them.

eKidz_RABO_EP4 from Elevation Church eKidz on Vimeo.

During eGroup we got in the ring with discouragement as Elijah showed us how to fight against the voices that tell us we can’t.

Elijah struggled with discouragement. He had lost hope in himself and his ability to do what God wanted him to do. But when Elijah cried out to God, God reminded Elijah that He would give Elijah everything Elijah needed to fulfill his calling. When he started to doubt he could do anything right, God told Elijah he could do it, and God says we can do what we need to do, too!


Next week we start an adventure with Zack and Alex from the Finders who uncover the secrets of a mysterious arcade machine and get pulled into a new world filled with action, adventure, and danger. We’ll learn how to have courage in different situations we face and what it looks like to take the first step, even when something is difficult.

Check out the series promo video!

The Aetherlight: A Finders Adventure | Promo Video from Elevation Church eKidz on Vimeo.

Not only do we begin a new series, but trading cards are back, and some special prizes kids can begin to earn next week. Encourage your kids to bring their Bibles and see you in church!