My Bible – Week 2 #Motion


Unplugged: The Bible is hard to understand.
Plugged In: The Bible shows us how we are to live.
Weekly Scripture: James 1:22-25

This week in My Bible, we unplugged from the idea that the Bible is hard to understand and plugged into the fact that the Bible shows us how we are to live. Check out this week’s episode of My Bible:

The Bible is like a mirror, helping us see ourselves how God does and also giving us the standard we are to use. Viewing our lives through any lens can disconnect us from God’s view of us. This week, talk with your family about the instructions given to us in the book of James – to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving. Talk about ways to do that and the benefits we’ll experience through that kind of living.

We also heard from Nate, who plays Zach on The Finders, on this week’s episode of Me & My Bible:

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