Newman’s Excellent Dodgeball Adventure – Episode 2

The Newmanators, a professional dodgeball team, have brought in a new coach, Coach Tex, to help them beat their rivals, the Dodgestars.  Coach Tex has been teaching the team what it means to show honor to others.  See what Coach Tex and the Newmanators learned about dodgeball and honor in episode 2.

It’s important to remember what Coach Tex taught the Newmanators – that expressing gratitude shows honor. Just like the one leper returned to thank Jesus for healing him, the Newmanators showed honor to the ref by going back and thanking him for refereeing their game, even though they didn’t agree with all the calls he made.

Time is ticking until their big game against their rivals, the Dodgestars. Will Coach Tex be able to bring the Newmanators one step closer to victory?  Find out this weekend in Motion!

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