Newman’s Excellent Dodgeball Adventure – Episode 4

We are in our last week of our Newman’s Excellent Dodgeball Adventure series where we have been following a professional dodgeball team called the Newmanators on their journey to defeat their rivals, the Dodgestars. Along the way, their coach, Coach Tex, has been teaching them about honor – acknowledging the value in others.

Coach Tex has taught the Newmanators what it means to show honor to God, to show honor when we don’t feel like it, and to show honor to authorities. All of the team’s training and hard work over the past several weeks has been leading up to one thing – their game against the Dodgestars!

Have they trained enough to finally beat the Dodgestars? Find out!

Just like Jacob went overboard when he honored his brother, the Newmanators chose to honor the Dodgestars by doing something unheard of – taking their own players out of the game. The Newmanators could have demolished the Dodgestars in that game, but instead, they chose to honor them.

Sometimes, the best way we can show honor to others is by going over-the-top and doing what is unexpected.

Who can you and your family honor this week?