Not What I Hoped For

The other day I had the opportunity to watch my daughter and one of her friends Asher Hudson as my wife and the Hudson’s served during #LoveWeek2013. I decided that this would be great opportunity for me to be “Super Dad” and “Fantastic Family Pastor” by taking them to all kinds of fun places from Happy Meals and an indoor playground, to the ice cream shop down the street.

As we were leaving Coldstone, I remembered that there was an outdoor playground right around the corner. I asked the kids if they wanted to go play and of course both of them shouted, “Yeah!” It was turning out to be a perfect evening. Well, at least for 5 more minutes or so. That’s when it happened. Asher was climbing and fell. Hard.

As I walked over to pick him up and dust him off, I realized that this fall may be a little more serious than I thought. I calmed him down enough to talk, carried him back to the car and watched as he winced and cried out every time he leaned on his arm. I called Brad and Sonya and we determined that it would be best to take Asher to the urgent care to make sure that he was okay.

An hour later, we found out that not one but BOTH of Asher’s arms were BROKEN!

My heart melted. A million thoughts raced through my mind. “It seemed like such a great plan. Where did it go wrong or where did I go wrong? Of all nights, why did this have to happen with someone who’s not even MY KID?”

As a parent, I’m sure that at some point you have felt the same way. You were on track for a good day but then it happened. Something went wrong. I’m learning that what I do next is so important. How I respond and where I turn after things don’t work out like I hoped are absolutely critical.

Over the last few days God has been teaching me a few things.

  1. Kids are extremely forgiving. I was fully prepared for 6 year old Asher to blame me and to be very upset. Instead, he wouldn’t let anyone sign his cast until I did first.
  2. In the middle of a crisis, a calm voice can make all the difference. By the time we made it to the urgent care, Asher was not even crying. He was staying very still and giving him a shoulder to lay his head on was all that he needed.
  3. Teachable moments abound in life. As we sat in the waiting room, my 5 year old daughter Layla asked tons of questions which gave me the opportunity to talk about the power of prayer and how important it is to be there for others.
  4. Elevators ^ are everywhere. It’s always comforting to come across a fellow Elevator ^ when things have gone awry. If you find yourself in the middle of a crisis, start looking for the orange and white pen sticking out of a lab coat. There was something so comforting simply knowing that the x-ray tech was an Elevator!

The next time things don’t go like you hoped or planned, take a deep breath, lean in, and watch how God breaths life into our circumstances and grows us along the way.

Well, I’m happy to report that Asher is well on his way to a full recovery with his two Elevation orange casts.

Leave a comment and let us know what God has been teaching you despite things not going like you had hoped.

Frank Bealer, Family Pastor