Our heroes and villains have a “Power Core Clash” in the new season of “Adventures Of The StarKeepers!”

Ready to learn about why we were made? In the newest season of Adventures Of The StarKeepers, our heroes will share (and learn) about some of the most important reasons we were created.

Leo, Bubbles, and Tank land on Planet Apocalypta to restore their second Portal Star… only the planet has been abandoned. Vast cities lie in ruins, and massive trees grow and twist through the urban landscape. There’s only one inhabitant left — a small tech bot named Twobit who thinks he was made to cook the world’s greatest hotdogs. When Dr. Disco shows up and something dangerous called the “power core” is turned back on, our heroes will need Twobit’s help to save the planet — and Twobit will need their help learning about why we were really made. We’ll talk through topics like sharing about Jesus with kindness and respect, looking for God’s goodness, creating things and connecting with others, and making the world better.

Each episode’s topic matches what’s being taught in Motion, and the family discussion questions after every episode will help you talk with your kids about all of these important ways we can live our lives how God wants us to.

Your family can listen to the newest episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or accessmore. See you on the other side!