Pumpkin Pandemonium Preview

If your child has taken the initiative to go running or do some pushups recently, this video might explain why.

This weekend in Motion we’re solving the age-old problem of what to do with all those leftover pumpkins from the fall and we’re putting them to good use in an over-the-top event called Pumpkin Pandemonium. Your child will compete in 5 different pumpkin events, including Pumpkin Jousting, Chuck-a-Pumpkin, and yes, Pumpkin Nuke-em. Don’t worry, plenty of pumpkins will be harmed in the making of this event (but no children).

So, on Saturday, when you realize that you’re tired of turkey and football, get your family to Elevation because eKidz is going to be awesome!

eKidz – always willing to destroy rotten gourds to engage your kids with the Gospel!