Quest Camp Wannastay Memory Verse backgrounds


At Camp Wannstay, we’ll learn how we can all be leaders who set an example for others in everything we say and do. God’s Word says:

Remember your leaders (point to head and say “bing”)
who taught you the word of God. (open hands like a book)
Think of all the good (two thumbs up)
that has come from their lives, (spread arms wide)
and follow the example (cup hands around mouth while whispering)
of their faith. (shout and pump fist in the air)
Hebrews 13:7

Join us in helping your child learn Hebrews 13:7 and download the memory verse backgrounds for your phone or computer. Children can recite this verse each week during Camp Wannastay to collect a prize from Counselor Poncho at the Camp Canteen.