Quest Cinemas Presents: Dreams Come True – Week 4 #Quest


Bible Story: Genesis 39-45 | Joseph’s Rise To Power
Main Point: I can live like Jesus!
Memory Verse: “Set an example … in what you say and how you live.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Lesson Overview
Children have been learning about a man named Joseph, who was a good example by following the best example – Jesus! Jesus is a good example to follow because everything He did was a right choice.

Check out this special song by Mr. Music and Emily about being a good example by saying kind words:

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Sing Mr. Music’s song together with your child until you learn all the words! Spend time naming ways they can be a good example like Jesus and recite our Main Point out loud together:

I can live like Jesus!

Quest Cinemas Movie Poster
Each weekend children visit Quest Cinemas they can collect another movie ticket for their movie poster. When children collect four movie tickets, they can bring their movie poster back to Quest to receive a prize from Flash at the Quest Cinemas Concession Stand!

ABTE_eG_UNI_YouConnect_QuestCinemasMovie Poster_MoviePoster


Memory Verse
Knowing Bible verses helps us to learn more about Jesus and how we can live like Him. Join us in helping your child learn 1 Timothy 4:12:

Set an example…
(hold out left fist then right fist)
in what you say
(talk with your hands like a puppet)
and how you live.
(bow head and clasp hands then shake hands in the air while saying “weeeee!”)
1 Timothy 4:12
(open hands like a book)

Children can recite this verse on MAY 9/10 for a special prize!