Quest :: God can do anything.

Main point: God can do anything.
Bible story: Elijah and the Fire 1 Kings 18

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s Bible story about a man named Elijah or Elliot? (Elijah)
  • Did King Ahab believe in a pretend god? (yes)
  • Did Elijah want everyone to believe in the one, true God? (yes)
  • When it was King Ahab’s turn for the test, did his pretend god send fire on the altar? (no)
  • What did the people pour on Elijah’s altar? (water)
  • When it was Elijah’s turn for the test, did the one true God send fire on the altar? (yes)
  • Elijah trusted God because He can do anything. Can you trust God, too? (yes)


Family Activity: Real or Fake?

WHAT YOU NEED: sets of real food and toy food items 

– During the Activity: Play a game with your child where you present a real and fake (toy) version of different kinds of food. Your child will say which items are real and which are fake.
– After the Activity: Talk about how God showed everyone that He is the one true God and He can do anything! 

– Before the Activity: “We’re going to play a game. Do you see this food? Some of it is real. That means we can really eat it. And some of it is fake, which means we only play with it. When I hold up two foods, I want you to tell me which one is real and which one is fake. Got it? Let’s play!”
– During the Activity: “I have this [food’s name] and this [food’s name]. (Hold up real and fake item.) Now, tell me, which one is real and which one is fake? (Pause.) How did you know which one was real and which one was fake? (Discuss.) Good job!” (Repeat with each food item.)
– After the Activity: “In our Bible story today, the people believed that their fake god was real, but it wasn’t. It couldn’t do anything. It was fake like this toy [food item]. (Hold up toy item.) We wouldn’t eat a toy [item], would we? (Pause.) No way! We want to eat real [items]! (Hold up the real item.)
Elijah trusted in the one true God — the real God. And because God can do anything, God answered Elijah’s prayer and sent down fire down. God really is the one true God! Elijah trusted God, and we can, too. Who can trust God?” (I can trust God.)