Quest :: God can use you no matter what.

Main point: God can use you no matter what. 
Bible story: Gideon ● Judges 6-8

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s Bible story about a man named Gideon or Griffin? (Gideon)
  • Was Gideon’s army big or small? (small)
  • Did Gideon think he should be in charge of the army? (no)
  • Even though it didn’t make sense, did Gideon still trust God? (yes)
  • God told Gideon to take his army to battle the Midianites. Who won the battle? (Gideon’s army)
  • Can you trust God, just like Gideon did? (yes)
  • Gideon didn’t think he should lead the army, but God still used him. Can God use you no matter what? (yes)


Family Activity: Blanket Shake Out

WHAT YOU NEED: Blanket or sheet

– Before the Activity: Lay the blanket or sheet out flat on the floor.
– During the Activity: Grab one edge of the blanket or sheet with both hands and have your child grab the other side. Lead your child in gently shaking the blanket while saying, “For the Lord,” then raise your arms quickly and say, “and for Gideon!” Repeat several times. 

– During the Activity: “Let’s bend down and grab the edge of the blanket with both hands. Great! Now, stand up. Let’s wave our arms to shake the parachute. (Demonstrate.) That’s it! Now say, ‘For the Lord,’ then raise your arms over your head like this and say, ‘and for Gideon!’ (Demonstrate.) Remember, this is what God’s army said when they snuck into the camp.”
– After the Activity: “Let’s set the blanket down on the floor. (Pause.) That was fun! Gideon wasn’t sure he was the right person to lead the army, but God proved to Gideon that He can use us, no matter what! I’m so thankful we can trust God. Who can trust God?” (I can trust God.)