Quest :: God gave us Jesus.

Main point: God gave us Jesus.
Bible story: Greatest Verse Ever John 3:16

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • In today’s Bible story, we learned about someone who loves us. Who is it? (God)
  • Does God love everyone in the whole world? (yes)
  • Did God give us a special gift or girl? (gift)
  • God gave us the best gift, His Son! Who is God’s Son? (Jesus)
  • Did Jesus come to be our friend forever or our firefighter forever? (friend forever)
  • Did God give us His Son, Jesus, because He loves us? (yes)
  • Can you trust that God loves you? (yes)


Family Activity: Can You Trust It?

WHAT YOU NEED: Activity pages

– Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and cut along the dotted lines.
– During the Activity: Set the images facedown on the floor next to you. Talk about trust using the dialogue below. Hold up each image and ask your child to name it. Then ask your child to tell you what they know about it. (Examples are below.) When you get to the last picture (the heart), talk about how God made us and LOVES us, so we can trust Him. 

  • Ice cream: sweet, yummy, cold 
  • Sun: warm, gives light, makes things grow 
  • Blanket: soft, keeps us warm 
  • Chair: sturdy, stays put when we sit or put our weight on it 
  • Ball: fun to play with; when you toss it up, it always comes down 
  • Heart: stands for love; God loves us and He proved His love for us when He sent Jesus; we can always trust God 

– Before the Activity: “I have some pictures to show you. I want you to tell me what you see then what you know about each image.” (Do activity.)
– After the Activity: “Great job! You can trust that ice cream is cold and YUMMY! You can trust that the sun is warm and helps things grow. You can trust that a blanket will keep you warm and that a chair will hold you when you sit down. You can trust that when you toss a ball in the air it will always come down!
You trust in things every day, but guess what? (Hold up the heart picture.) You can ALWAYS trust God because He loves you! He loves us so much that He gave us Jesus! Tell me, who can trust God?” (I can trust God.)