Quest :: God’s way is always perfect.

Main point: God’s way is always perfect.
Bible story: Gideon’s Army  Judges 7:1-8

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s Bible story about a man named Gideon or Gabriel? (Gideon)
  • Did God tell Gideon to make his army bigger or smaller? (smaller)
  • Did a lot of men leave Gideon’s army? (yes)
  • Even though his army had gotten smaller, did Gideon still trust God? (yes)
  • Who won the battle? (Gideon and his army)
  • Can we trust God, even when He tells us to do something that doesn’t make sense? (yes)
  • Is God’s way perfect sometimes or always? (always)
  • Can you trust God’s way is always perfect? (yes)


Family Activity: Plate Hop

WHAT YOU NEED: four different colored plates (or any items around your home that are four different colors)

– Before the Activity: Place the plates (or other items you’ll be using) on the floor randomly all over your room. Be sure the color is facing up. 
– During the Activity: Call out a color and an action. (e.g., jumping jacks, bunny hops, toe touches, twists, head pats, claps, hop on one foot, etc.) Encourage your child to run to the matching colored plate and complete the action. Continue the activity, calling out a different color and action each time. 

– Before the Activity: “Today in our Bible story, we heard about someone who went where God told him and did what God told him to do. It might not have made sense, but he chose to trust God and go His way. Let’s play a fun game to help us remember that we can go God’s way, too!”
– After the Activity: “Wow, great job! You are so good at listening and following the right way. God’s way is the right way, and we can follow Him! When God asks us to do something, it doesn’t always make sense to us, but we can trust that God’s way is perfect. Whose way is perfect?” (God’s way is perfect.)