Quest :: God’s way is perfect.

Main point: God’s way is perfect.
Bible story: In The Garden Genesis 1:31, 2:8-3:24

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • In today’s Bible story, we learned about a beautiful place God made. What was it? (a garden)
  • Did this garden have big trees or trampolines? (trees)
  • Even though God gave Adam and Eve a very important rule, did they still eat the fruit from the tree? (yes)
  • Did Adam and Eve get to stay in the garden or did they get sent away? (they were sent away)
  • Even though Adam and Eve didn’t go God’s way, did God still love them? (yes)
  • Would it have been better if Adam and Eve followed God’s way? (yes)
  • Whose way is perfect? (God’s way is perfect.)


Family Activity: Simon Says: Jump, Jump, Jump 

WHAT YOU NEED: No supplies needed

– During the Activity: Lead your child in a game of “Simon Says.” Remind them that you will call out different movements for them to complete. Make sure they listen for the words “Simon Says” first, before they copy you.

– Before the Activity: “
Let’s play a game called ‘Simon Says.’ I will lead us in a series of movements. I want you to do what I do but ONLY if I say, ‘Simon Says’ first.”  
– During the Activity: “Ready? Okay, Simon says jog in place. Great. Simon says stop! Now, march. (Pause.) Uh-oh! Simon didn’t say to march. Let’s try that again. Simon says march!” 

  • Movement Ideas: 
    • Jog in place
    • March
    • Circle your arms 
    • Stomp your feet 
    • Touch your toes 
    • Pat your shoulders, head, tummy etc.
    • Clap your hands
    • Spin in a circle two times

– After the Activity: “That was so fun! You did an awesome job listening! In our Bible story today, we learned that God’s way is perfect! That’s why it’s super important that we listen to God and go God’s way. Tell me, whose way is perfect?” (God’s way is perfect.)