Quest :: I can go God’s way even when it’s hard.

Main point: I can tell others about God’s way.
Bible story: Josiah (Young King) 2 Chronicles 34

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s Bible story about a king or a kangaroo? (A king)
  • Was the king old? (no)
  • Was the king in today’s story a kid? (yes)
  • Was the king’s name Josiah or Jordan? (Josiah)
  • What did King Josiah’s workers bring him? (a special book)
  • Did King Josiah tell everyone about God’s way or just his workers? (everyone)
  • Can you tell others about God’s way, too? (yes)
  • When you follow God, will the people around you see what it’s like to go God’s way? (yes)


Family Activity: Go God’s Way Crown

WHAT YOU NEED: paper, crayons or markers, stickers, scissors, stapler, and tape

– During the Activity: Cut the paper into a 24-inch strip. Encourage children to color and decorate it. Measure around the child’s head and staple the paper to make a headband. Place a piece of tape over the bend of the staple. Encourage your child to wear their crown. 
– After the Activity: Review the Bible story.

– Before the Activity: “In our story, we heard about a young boy who was a king! His name was Josiah, and he was in charge of a lot of people.”
– During the Activity: “Let’s make a crown like the king in our story. Decorate your crown by coloring it and adding stickers all over it. (Pause.) Fantastic! Now, let’s make it into a crown to wear!” (Hold the strip up around the child’s head to measure. Staple together.)
– After the Activity: “Now you have a crown to wear! In today’s Bible story, King Josiah wanted to lead his people well and do what was right. His workers found a special book that said God’s way is perfect! King Josiah went God’s way, and he told all the people that God’s way is perfect. God loves you and knows what’s best for you. We can tell people about God’s way, too! Young or old, we can go God’s way because God’s way is perfect. Whose way is perfect?” (God’s way is perfect.)