Quest :: I can thank God for family who help me.

Main Point: I can thank God for family who help me.
Bible Story: Aaron Helps Moses ● Exodus 17:8-13

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: “Who was today’s Bible story about?” (Moses, Aaron, Hur)

Question #2: “What happened in the Bible story?” (When some mean people came to attack the Israelites, Moses went up on a hill and held up the staff of God. In order to win the battle, Moses needed to hold his staff up the entire time. When he started to get tired, Moses’ brother, Aaron, and his friend, Hur, held his arms up, and the Israelites won!)

Question #3: “What does today’s Bible story teach us?” (I can thank God for family who help us.)


Family Activity: Family Picture

WHAT YOU NEED: Family Frame Activity Page
, crayons or markers


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and give it to your child.
  • During the Activity: Point out the words on the activity page and encourage your child to draw a picture of your family inside the frame.


  • During the Activity: “Do you see these words on your page? It says, ‘I can thank God for my family.’ Let’s draw a picture of our family inside this frame. Then, when we look at it, we’ll be reminded to thank God for our family.”
  • After the Activity: “God gives us SO many good things. In fact, God gave us our family, and we can give thanks to Him. God is good, and He gives us good things! Who is good?” (God is good.)