Quest :: I can thank God for food.

Main Point: I can thank God for food.
Bible Story: Elijah and the Widow ● 1 Kings 17:7-16

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: “Who was today’s Bible story about?” (Elijah, the woman, the woman’s son)

Question #2: “What happened in the Bible story?” (God told Elijah to visit a woman who would give him food. When she used the last of her flour and oil to make him bread, God gave them more! Elijah, the woman, and her son were very thankful for the food God gave them.)

Question #3: “What does today’s Bible story teach us?” (We can thank God for food.)


Family Activity: Thankful For Food



  • During the Activity: Give your child some Play-Doh and encourage them to use it to make the shapes of their favorite foods.


  • Before the Activity: “In today’s Bible story, we learned that we can thank God for food. Let’s use our Play-Doh to make some of our favorite foods!”
  • After the Activity: “Great job! God is good, and He’s given us so many wonderful things that we can be thankful for, like food! Who is good?” (God is good.)