Quest :: Jesus is amazing.

Main point: Jesus is amazing.
Bible story: Healing the Blind Man John 9:1-12

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: Who was today’s Bible story about? (Jesus, Jesus’ friends, a man who was blind)

Question #2: What happened in today’s Bible story? (Jesus and His friends were walking along a road when Jesus saw a man who was blind. Jesus spit on the ground, turned the dirt into mud, and put it on the man’s eyes. Jesus told the man to wash his face with water. When he did, he could see again! Jesus healed him, and the man was amazed.)

Question #3: The man was amazed when Jesus healed him. Who is amazing? (Jesus is amazing.)


Family Activity: Telescope

paper towel or wrapping paper tube, construction paper, stickers, tape, scissors, and crayons or markers


  • Before the Activity: If using a wrapping paper tube, cut it down to about 12 inches long. Roll the construction paper around the tube and tape, but do not tape the paper to the tube.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to decorate their telescope. Have your child look through their telescope. Show them how they can make the tube longer by sliding the paper tube out of the construction paper.
  • After the Activity: Talk about how Jesus did something out-of-this-world amazing and helped a blind man see. 


  • Before the Activity: “Today, we heard another amazing story about Jesus. Jesus helped a blind man see. We’re making a telescope today — they help us see things far away!” 
  • During the Activity: “Decorate your telescope! (Pause.) Great job! Now hold it up to your eye and look through it. You may need to close the other eye to see better. (Pause.) Tell me what you see. (Pause.) Watch this! Be careful and pull the paper out a little bit like this. (Demonstrate.) Now, look through it. Telescopes are really fun to explore with!”
  • After the Activity: “Jesus and His friends were walking when Jesus saw a man sitting by the road. He stopped and noticed that the man was blind. He couldn’t see. Jesus did something only He could do. He spit in the dirt and mixed it into mud, then spread it over the man’s eyes. Jesus told him to go wash his eyes. When he did, the man could see! The man was so amazed! Who is amazing?” (Jesus is amazing.)