Quest :: Jesus is Born.

Main Point: Jesus is Born.
Bible Story: Jesus Is Born  Luke 2:1-7

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: Who was today’s Bible story about? (Mary, Joseph, Jesus)

Question #2: What happened in today’s Bible story? (Mary and Joseph traveled to a town called Bethlehem. There wasn’t room at the inn, so they stayed in a stable. That night, Jesus was born! Mary wrapped baby Jesus up and laid Him gently in a manger.)

Question #3: God gave us His Son, Jesus, on the special night that He was born. Why is Jesus special? (Jesus is God’s Son.)


Family Activity: Nativity Scene

Activity pages, scissors, and glue


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages. Cut out the pictures of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the animals.
  • During the Activity: Explain your child will glue the characters to the stable as you review the Bible story together.


  • Before the Activity: “We’re going to make today’s Bible story with these story pictures (hold up the cutouts) on this paper!” (Hold up the picture of the stable.) 
  • During the Activity: “First, we have Mary. The angel told Mary she would have a special baby named Jesus. Will you put Mary here in our stable? (Encourage your child to glue the Mary cutout to the stable.) Next, we have Joseph. Mary and Joseph traveled all the way to a town called Bethlehem. When they arrived, there were no rooms for them to sleep in. Someone told them they could sleep in the stable where the animals slept. (Encourage your child to glue the Joseph cutout to the stable.) Then, the most exciting thing happened! Baby Jesus was born! (Encourage your child to glue the baby Jesus cutout to the stable.) And why is Jesus special?” (Jesus is God’s Son.)
  • After the Activity: “Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday! (Point to Baby Jesus.) It’s all about when Jesus was born. Why is Jesus special?” (Jesus is God’s Son.)