Quest :: Jesus wants to spend time with me.

Main point: Jesus wants to spend time with me.
Bible story: Mary and Martha  Luke 10:38-42

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Today’s story was about two women named Mary and Martha. Were they friends or sisters? (sisters)
  • Were Mary and Martha friends with Jesus? (yes)
  • Did Jesus call Mary and Martha or did He visit them at their house? (He visited them at their house.)
  • When Jesus arrived at their house, what did Mary do? (sat at Jesus’ feet)
  • What did Martha do? (cooked and cleaned)
  • Did Jesus tell Mary to help Martha cook and clean? (no)
  • Jesus told Martha that He just wanted her to spend time with Him. Does Jesus want you to spend time with Him, too? (yes)


Family Activity: Time With Jesus

WHAT YOU NEED: Activity page


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and cut on the dotted lines. Place the cards in a stack.
  • During the Activity: Draw each card from the stack, one at a time, and show it to your child. Then read the corresponding action and encourage your child to respond.


  • Before the Activity: “We learned in our Bible story today that we can spend time with Jesus in many different ways!”
  • During the Activity: “I have cards that will show us how we can spend time with Jesus!” (Draw a different card each time and lead your child in completing the corresponding action.)
    Cards and corresponding actions:

    • Nature: “We can spend time with Jesus by walking outside and looking at all the wonderful things He’s made. Let’s pretend to walk outside! (Walk around the room.)
    • Child Praying: “We can spend time with Jesus by talking to Him. Let’s pray! (kneel and fold hands) Jesus, we love You. Thank You for being our friend. Amen.”
    • Bible: “We can spend time with Jesus by reading the Bible. Let’s pretend to open our Bible!” (open hands like a book)
    • Heart: “We can spend time with Jesus by telling Him that we love Him! Let’s tell Him together. Say, ‘I LOVE YOU, JESUS!'” (Lead your child in saying, “I love you, Jesus!”)
  • After the Activity: “It can be wonderful to spend time with Jesus. Jesus loves us and wants to spend time with us. Tell me, who loves you?” (Jesus loves me.)