Quest :: Jesus taught us how to love one another.

Main point: Jesus taught us how to love one another. 
Bible story: Early Church Acts 2:42-47

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s Bible story about Jesus’ friends or family? (friends)
  • Did Jesus’ friends want to love people like He loved them? (yes)
  • To love others like Jesus, did they share or sleep? (share)
  • Can you love others by sharing, too? (yes)
  • Did Jesus’ friends praise God? (yes)
  • Who taught Jesus’ friends how to love others? (Jesus)
  • Can we love others too, just like Jesus has taught us to? (yes)


Family Activity: Freeze Dance

WHAT YOU NEED: music to dance to (Find the Quest worship playlist on Apple Music or Spotify!)

– Before the Activity: Have your family stand in a circle.
– During the Activity: Turn the music on and have a dance party! After about 30 seconds, turn off the music and ask everyone to stand very still or FREEZE. Have everyone say, “Jesus wants to be my friend forever!” when they FREEZE. Start the music and dance again. Repeat the activity several times in 30 second increments.

– During the Activity: “When you hear the music, start to dance. When the music stops, everyone FREEZE and say, ‘Jesus wants to be my friend forever!’ Are you ready?”
– After the Activity: “Whew! That was so much fun! Who wants to be your friend forever?” (Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)