Quest :: Jesus wants to help me.

Main point: Jesus wants to help me.
Bible story: The Centurion ● Matthew 8:5-13

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Was today’s story about a special kind of soldier or singer? (soldier)
  • Was this soldier called a general or a centurion? (centurion)
  • Was the centurion’s servant sick or lost? (sick)
  • When the centurion’s servant was sick and couldn’t move, who did he ask for help? (Jesus)
  • Did Jesus need to visit the servant to help? (no)
  • When the centurion got home, was his servant better? (yes)
  • Does Jesus want to help you, just like He helped the centurion? (yes)


Family Activity: Heart Search

WHAT YOU NEED: Activity pages


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages. Cut out all the hearts and hide them around your room.
  • During the Activity: Encourage your child to find the hidden hearts. When they find the heart that says, “Jesus Loves Me,” ask, “Who loves you?” Encourage them to say, “Jesus loves me!”


  • Before the Activity: “There are some hearts hidden around this room. One of them has a very special message on them! Let’s search to find the hearts.”
  • After the Activity: “You did an awesome job finding the hearts! They remind us that Jesus LOVES us and He wants to help us! Who loves you?” (Jesus loves me.)