Quest :: Week of February 8

Jesus loves everyone, and He wants all of us to come aboard and be His friend forever. Throughout the Bible, we find stories about people Jesus loved who were considered unworthy. At some point, even our preschoolers will find themselves in the shoes of these “unworthy” people. But Jesus loves them no matter what, and that’s what we want them to know. We want to help them choose grace and love everyone the way Jesus loves them.

This weekend, we learned that Jesus loves us, even when we make wrong choices. Watch this week’s video on the Parent Cue app with your child to help them remember that Jesus loves everyone!

While you drive in the car this week, look for people, and point out different people that Jesus loves. Does Jesus love that construction worker? Yes! Does Jesus love that lady in the red car? Yes! Does Jesus love that police officer? Yes! Jesus loves everyone!