Quest :: Week of January 25

In December, our preschoolers learned that God gave us Jesus, and now they will learn that because Jesus is God’s Son, He can do anything! With God all things are possible! Throughout their lives, children will encounter things they can’t do. But, in Jesus, they have a friend who can do it all. There is no better friend than Jesus, and He wants to be our friend forever.

In this week’s Bible story, Jesus did something only He can do — He walked on water! Watch this week’s video on the Parent Cue app with your child to help them remember that Jesus can do what is impossible — He can do anything!

Encourage your child to take their shoes and socks off, and walk on different textures (carpet, grass, rocks, sand, silky blanket, etc.). Ask your child to name each item and what it feels like (soft, hard, rough, scratchy, smooth). Then talk about how Jesus walked on water. It might be impossible for us, but Jesus can do anything!