Quest :: When you love like Jesus, you can be a good friend.

Main point: When you love like Jesus, you can be a good friend.
Bible story: Washing Feet John 13:3-17 

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • In today’s Bible story, was Jesus sharing a meal or a milkshake? (a meal)
  • Who was Jesus sharing a meal with? (His friends)
  • Did Jesus grab a towel or a teacup? (a towel)
  • Did Jesus wash His friends’ hands or their feet? (their feet)
  • Did Jesus wash His friends’ feet to show them He loved them? (yes)
  • Was Jesus a good friend or a bad friend? (a good friend)
  • Can you be a good friend and love like Jesus? (yes)


Family Activity: Love Like Jesus Chart

WHAT YOU NEED: Activity page, crayons or markers


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page.
  • During the Activity: Give your child an activity page and read the title at the top. Encourage your child to draw pictures of ways they can show love like Jesus. (e.g., being kind, sharing their toys, helping others, etc.)


  • Before the Activity: “There are so many ways we can show love like Jesus to the people around us. Can you think of some ways you can show love to others like Jesus loves us?” 
  • During the Activity: “Those are great ideas! You can use the crayons to draw some ways you can love like Jesus.” 
  • After the Activity: “WOW! Great job! These are all ways we can love like Jesus. Tell me, who can love like Jesus?” (I can love like Jesus.)