Quest :: When you love like Jesus, you can love everyone.

Main point: When you love like Jesus, you can love everyone.
Bible story: Love One Another John 13:34-35 

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • In the first story, we learned about a man who couldn’t walk. Who helped him? (Jesus)
  • When you help your friends, do you love like Jesus? (yes)
  • In the second story, there was a crowd of people who were hungry. Did the young boy share his food or his friends? (his food)
  • Can you show love to others by sharing with them? (yes)
  • In the third story, some people said mean words to the woman. Even though they weren’t kind to the woman, was Jesus kind to her? (yes)
  • When you’re kind to your friends, do you love like Jesus? (yes)
  • When you love like Jesus, can you love everyone or just your friends? (everyone)


Family Activity: Love Like Jesus Brainstorm

WHAT YOU NEED: paper and a pen


  • Before the Activity: Grab a piece of paper and write “I can love like Jesus” at the top. Then create three columns. Write one of the following words at the top of each column: Share, Kind Words, and Help. 
  • During the Activity: Read the column headers to your child and encourage them to think of things they can share, kind words they can say, and ways they can help. Write their answers in the corresponding columns.


  • Before the Activity: “We can love like Jesus by showing love to everyone. There are SO many ways we can love others! We can share, use kind words, and help.” 
  • During the Activity: “Here at the top of our chart it says, ‘I can love like Jesus.’ We also have three columns that say share, kind words, and help. (Point to each column as you say it.) Let’s think of different ways we can do those things and love others like Jesus.” 
  • After the Activity: “Great job! You came up with so many ways to love like Jesus. We have (read the ideas to your child). Now, tell me, who can love like Jesus?” (I can love like Jesus.)