Rise Above : Episode 2 #CrashTheChatterbox

February Memory Verse: II Corinthians 10:5b, “And we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”Bible Story: Judges 6:3-16aMain Point: God’s side doesn’t hide

This week in Rise Above, we picked back up with Daniel as he was facing down Ted Brinkley and his negative words. Find out what happens in Rise Above Episode 2!

Daniel was able to face down Ted’s words by remembering a conversation where his coach encouraged him with the truth about God’s opinion of Daniel’s worth. God’s truth helped Daniel overcome the negative voice he was encountering.

We looked at the story of Gideon, a man from the Bible who also struggled with his own self-worth. God intended to use Gideon to rescue the nation of Israel but initially, Gideon didn’t see himself as worthy or capable of being used in that way. God spoke to Gideon, assured him of his worth, and was able to use Gideon in a mighty way. As we learned the value God places on us, we concluded “God’s side doesn’t hide!” Talk with your family this week about how valuable they are to God.

Come back next week and see Daniel as he encounters another negative voice in his life!