Robo Depot | Week 5 #Quest

Bible Story: Jesus and the Children | Mark 10:13-16
Main Point: Jesus Wants To Spend Time With Me!
Memory Verse: “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1 (NIV)

Lesson Overview

Newton and Pixie have ordered lots of robot parts from Robo Depot and are almost done building a robot to tell others about Jesus! We have been helping Speedy Sam deliver the parts to Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop, and this weekend we delivered a power switch for the robot.

Dr. Tomorrow told Pixie and Newton to not only add the power switch to the robot, but to input different ways we can spend time with Jesus. With these inputed, the robot would be able to tell others how they can spend time Jesus. Pixie and Newton didn’t know how to spend time with Jesus, so TiMo showed them a Bible story. After listening to the Bible story about Jesus spending time with the children, Dr. Tomorrow shared three different ways we can spend time with Jesus. Children learned they can spend time with Jesus by reading their Bible, going to church, and praying to God. They also learned Jesus wants to spend time with us, too!

Tool of the Day 

This weekend’s Tool of the Day was a screw driver, perfect tool for making sure all the bolts are tight on robots. All customers who ordered robot parts from Robo Depot this weekend got a screw driver with their delivery. Each Quest child received their very own screw driver to bring home to put in their Robo Depot tool belt and help them remember what we learn in Quest.

Memory Verse 

Quest children have been working hard to learn our series memory verse. This week at bedtime, spend a few minutes with your child reviewing Psalm 136:1. Children who can recite this verse on the weekend of MAY 31/JUNE 1 will receive a special robot prize!

Give thanks (prayer hands)
to the Lord, (point up)
for he is good. (two thumbs up)
His love (cross arms over chest)
endures forever. (spread arms wide)
Psalm 136:1 (NIV)