Robo Depot | Week 8 #Quest

Bible Story: Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man | Luke 5:17-26
Main Point: “Jesus Helps Others!”

eKidz_Quest_RDEP_Store-02Lesson Overview

After helping Newton and Pixie finish a robot which tells everyone about Jesus, Speedy Sam decided he wanted to build a robot of his own! He received a special robot package in the Mail-O-Matic. The package contained a “Super-Duper, Work-By-Yourself, You-Don’t-Need-Any-Help, One-Person Robot Kit.” Inside the package were three directions for Speedy Sam to build a robot all by himself!

The third and final step Speedy Sam had to do was watch a video disc to figure out how to put his robot pieces together. Children helped Speedy Sam identify three robot parts seen in the video disc which were needed to assemble the “Super-Duper, Work-By-Yourself, You-Don’t-Need-Any-Help, One-Person Robot.” But once we figured out the three robot parts Speedy Sam needed, we still couldn’t figure out how to put the robot together.

It was a good thing one of our Quest eGroup Leaders mailed Speedy Sam a letter encouraging us to check out the Bible story about Jesus healing a paralyzed men to help us understand why building a “Super-Duper, Work-By-Yourself, You-Don’t-Need-Any-Help, One-Person Robot” might not work! After hearing the Bible story from Luke 5:17-26, children learned they should help others just like Jesus helped the paralyzed man walk!

After hearing the Bible story, Speedy Sam knew he couldn’t build the robot by himself and needed to ask for help. And he knew just who to ask – Dr. Tomorrow! Speedy Sam left right away to go to Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop to ask him to help finish putting together the robot. Children and Speedy Sam learned “Jesus Helps Others!” and we can help others, too!