Rosie Rider’s Birthday!

We’ve been zipping, twisting, and turning through the Bible as we learn to live for God at Animal Adventureland. This past weekend, we celebrated Rosie Rider’s birthday on our last trip to the park.

There are two things that Rosie Rider loves – celebrating her birthday and her church! Birthday parties are lots of fun, with friends, games, and yummy cake! Church is lots of fun too with fun games and Bible stories!

For her birthday, Rosie Rider wanted to tell everyone about her church and how much she loves it! She wanted to share a great Bible story about the first church and how the new believers prayed, sang songs, praised Jesus, and ate meals together! Just like the new believers spent time praising Jesus together in the first church, Rosie wanted to spend her birthday with all of her Animal Adventureland friends praising Jesus one last time!

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