Safari | God Says I Am Loved!

Monthly Focus: God Says I Am Loved!
Bible Story: The Good Shepherd | John 10:1-14
Weekend Activity: Bible Story Book coloring activity


The first section of Pastor Steven’s book, Crash the Chatterbox, is called “God says I am.” It is about overpowering the lies of insecurity with the truth. The confession, “God says I am …,” helps us “reshape our paradigms by informing our identities as new creations.”


Toddlers need security, and they experience security when they experience love. By teaching toddlers “God says I am loved!” we are building a foundation of faith in our toddlers and pray they will always know they are loved, more than they will ever know, by the one true God. We are planting seeds for toddlers to crash the chatterbox box and hear God’s voice above all others in their lives.

Join us as we teach “God says I am loved!” and build a foundation of faith in our toddlers. Cut out the Bible Story cards on your toddler’s newsletter to create a Bible Story Book for your toddler. A few times each week, read the Bible story to your toddler. After you finish reading, say, “We are loved by God! God loves us and takes care of us. God says we are loved!”

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